As social media continues to change the way people communicate, it has become an increasingly important tool for small businesses. You may not know where to start, it takes too much time? You’d be amazed at the results just a small amount of time invested, regularly, can bring.

Customers research purchases online and listen to recommendations from friends and family. So, it’s in the best interest of small businesses to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence that enforces their brand personality.

You can grow your brand while building and maintaining relationships with current and new customers.

Quality over Quantity
You don’t have to post all the time on all social media channels. You do, however, need to post relevant content at regular intervals.

It’s a Conversation
Social media marketing can widen your reach, and help you engage more audience.Social media isn’t like traditional advertising. It’s more conversational. Make sure you’re replying to people who interact with you on social media. Engaging the online community is core to social media and one of the keys to your success.

Social Media Advertising
Now you’re investing the time, why not invest a little money into your social media efforts. For example, Google AdWords will help bump your website to the top of search engine results. You’ll need a defined list of keywords that represent your business, that are unique and are found repeatedly on your website. If need be update the content on your website to reflect your core message. You also create noise via your social media message on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can develop very specific, targeted paid ads with just a few clicks. If you know your audience,  you can easily promote posts, gain more followers and drive traffic to your website.

Social media is a marketing tool that small business owners can really make work for them… but it will only work if you commit. So get going!