Blue Platypus Clicks is a friendly bunch of Google experts! They’ve been managing Google Adwords campaigns since 2008. They specialise in advanced optimisation techniques, complex online strategies and competitive industries. No need to worry as Blue Platypus Clicks manage accounts right here in their Australian office, so they are easy to contact in your time zone. Your campaigns will be run by humans, not software tools, because they believe software can’t understand your business, your goals, seasonality and consumer behaviour like a real person can. Transparency, honest advice and as much free education as you want are just some of their points of difference. And yes, they are Google Adwords certified.

New to Google Adwords?
Imagine if you could find new customers just when they are ready to buy. Google Adwords allows you to do just that. When a buyer clicks on your ad, you know that they have been searching for your product. Google Adwords allows you to target customers at this exact time when they are looking for your product.

Got an underperforming Google Adwords Campaign?
Are you paying too much for your online sales or leads or simply not happy with the results from your current Google Adwords manager? Blue Platypus Clicks would be happy to provide you with a free consultation about your online marketing goals and how they could best be met. They can even help you identify problems with your current Google Adwords campaign.